Ana Koutsi

minimalist leather designs

From a young age, I had a great interest for arts and crafts. I always loved the idea of creating something from scratch, something that existed only in my mind. For that reason, in 2010 I decided to start my own studio in Athens, called “Ana Koutsi”.

The brand Ana Koutsi is a project that manifests my passion for design, and it became reality through hard work and love. I wanted to create a studio where people can find exclusive, fashionable and colorful leather designs with a minimal twist. The first two years, I was only doing business locally in stores around Athens. At that time, I started supplying Greek actresses with handbags for attending events and premieres.
When I realized that my designs were highly appreciated in local stores, I decided to expand internationally by opening an e-shop where I could reach all women in the world who want to be chic, modern and to make a difference.

My Philosophy
As a designer, I get my inspiration from all kinds of art, but especially from the clarity that minimalism has to offer. I love creating designs with pure lines, clean shapes and a pop of color.

I strongly believe that quality means as much as the design and that is why I only use materials of high quality. Every piece of leather has small differences in its color and thickness and that factor makes each design unique.

Thank you for visiting my studio!
I hope you enjoy!
— Anastasia Koutsikou (founder and designer)
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